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Juan Cole is a Professor of History at the University of Michigan, and a frequent contributor to NPR's news programs. Every day he provides a thorough summary of information about the Middle East and the ongoing effects of our "efforts" there, as reported by western and regional media sources, as well as analysis of important events. I've been visiting this site nearly every day since mid-2004, and have learned more about Iraq here than from any other source -- it's not even close. In short, if you need to know what is going on in the Middle East, and you need it in English, Juan is the man.
feature The Snowsuit Effort
This is a site more about pictures than words. The folks at The Snowsuit Effort are trying, through stunning photography and a few choice quotes, to put a human face on the growing poverty and homelessness which eats away at the foundations of American society. Nearly every weekday this site features a new face -- someone living on the streets in desperate poverty, someone who society has somehow abandoned. With its clean, elegant design, fantastic photography, and simple and heartbreaking quotations, The Snowsuit Effort challenges our leaders' constant trumpeting of "American prosperity."

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